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Eternal Rot – Promo Tape 2013

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The first physical release of Eternal Rot, hailing from Poland and the UK, is a tape containing 2 tracks which represents a mixture of dark Death Metal and Doom Metal. The whole setting of tasks isn’t really clear to me, but if I’m informed right the Polish side does all the music and the lyrics are made in the UK. The first track “Crawler” has some guttural low growls and a traditional Doom metal riff, a bit in the Black Sabbath way, which is the only riff in this track. It’s been played over and over again. Second track “Sickening Deeds” has, besides the low growls, a huge Cathedral vibe which could be described as “Forest of Equilibrium…only a notch faster”. So don’t expect a new “Ebony Tears” on this demo. This track has slight more variation as it has more than one riff. The tapes are sold out, but you can still order it as a 7”, released by Fallen Temple. (Ricardo)