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Nachzehrer – Eternal Deities Of The Black Horde [EP]

nachzehrer – eternal deities of the black horde [ep]


Recently, I’ve found myself pondering a little deeper about the current state of affairs in the Black Metal scene as a whole. Mainly, because I see a lot of complaints, be it from fans or even musicians, who claim that the genre has gone sterile or has become robotic.

And I can’t help but wonder if they’re talking about the same musical genre I enjoy so much. Especially because the Black Metal I know is going stronger than ever since the beginning of the pandemic.

For the non-believers, there’s Nachzehrer’s new EP ‘Eternal Deities of the Black Horde’, which stands as proof that the good old black and white approach to Black Metal remains true to its purpose.

Here, the listener is confronted with a maelstrom of fast riffs and furious shrieks, permeated by a somber yet violent atmosphere, reminiscent of bands like Sargeist, but I can also notice a tinge of influences from American bands from the early 90s, like Black Funeral, for example. But I can notice even some

Despite its length (just a few seconds short of 17 minutes) the EP works as intended, since the intro and three songs contained here are all very well executed and don’t overstay their welcome with tiresome gimmicks.

What you see here is what you get. Pure and simple, straightforward, good old Black Metal as if the nineties never ended.

It’s curious to bear witness to the fact that as more and more mainstream “Black Metal” bands label the genre as stagnant and delve deeper and deeper into bizarre experimentations, to the point of becoming satires of themselves, the newcomers from the underground are the ones who truly reinvigorate the genre. Diving deeper in its roots and bringing back what Black Metal was always supposed to be.



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