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Kausalgia – Farewell [EP]

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Kausalgia from Finland seems to have a history as Hypotermia which played raw Black Metal. Kausalgia left the raw side of Black Metal and became more melodic and atmospheric with a clear production. Finnish Thy Serpent is a nice reference if you ask me. As it also has some (melodic) Doom passages, the “Dark Metal” label can be used as well. The first track “Reincarnated” has a more Doom Metal vibe with the keyboard dictating the atmosphere. While “The Drug” starts as the main Necrophobic “Blinded by Light, Enlightened by Darkness” riff (only less filthy production) but later on it transforms into a melodic Doom atmosphere as well because of a great guitar lead. Although the vocals are the more rasping Black Metal type, it still fits like a glove. It seems Pest Productions re-released “Farewell” with a bonus track. Quite a surprising encounter! (Ricardo)