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Övervåld – V​å​ldsbejakande Extremism [EP]

Övervåld – v​å​ldsbejakande extremism [ep]


I am sure you recognize it. Sometimes it feels inevitable to use Google Translate to clear something, but when you see the outcome, it makes so much sense that you wonder how you couldn’t figure it out beforehand. That was the case when I asked Google Translate to help me out with the band name and title of this new, fine offering from Sweden. Maybe not even so much because, in hindsight, I could more or less figure it out based on language, but even more so in combination with the music.

Okay, the band name roughly translates to “Overpowered” or ‘Overwhelmed” and the title of this EP means “Violent Extremism”. Well, that is exactly what this brand new four-piece is doing, the overwhelm you with violent extremity. They strike a stylish balance between all things aggressive and violent and in the process doing that in a perfect Swedish way.

‘V​å​ldsbejakande Extremism’ blends together a good portion of powerfully thriving Crustcore/Street Punk with a sharp and mean Black Metal edge and pour it on a speedy brand of Swedish Death Metal. All served to you in a nice and raw production. This way the music sounds both thoroughly recognizable and fresh. I wouldn’t dare to say that anything the band offers is remotely sounding original, but at least it offers something different from the trodden paths of those mid-tempo Swedish Death Metal snoozers that tend to dominate that particular Death Metal niche. In fact, this really brings me back to those early Blood Harvest days, a label that I followed religiously around the mid- to late 00’s. The fresh and genuine energy reflects that of the first steps of that Death Metal revival from around 2010. Having said that, the band is self-releasing this total banger on a 12” EP which is available through their Bandcamp-page for only a very few bucks, I would suggest to pick one up before Blood Harvest does!


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