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Castrator – No Victim

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I can imagine being a female in the scene can be a bit hard. It’s sometimes like people just say “ah cute” and giving the thumbs up just because of that…and not judging on the quality of the music. Well, here we have an all-female New York City brutal Death Metal band. Let the judging begin! The Brutal Death Metal played by Castrator is based on the Brutal Death Metal scene of the early 2000. Suffocation, Severe Torture, Dying Fetus…that kind of stuff. It’s not played bad in any way as they do everything by the book. They do know how to play but don’t add nothing special. Until the solo starts in the first track called “Honor Killing”! That is an eye-opener, also the rhythm riff underneath the solo. After that it changes into a kind of Vital Remains track. Not as good as “Dawn of the Apocalypse” or “Decristianze”, but still, it stands out. The second track “No Victim” is a textbook example of “doing it by the book” I mentioned before. I hope they write more songs like “Honor Killing”, it will be something not a lot of bands will play nowadays. (Ricardo)