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Firunwinta – Innenleben… [EP]

firunwinta – innenleben… [ep]

Austrian one-man act Firunwinta presents their first offering: a 23-minute EP of bleak Black Metal in old school fashion. The cover to this digital EP shows a forest in the mist, the Alps most likely, and the Microsoft-Paint logo finishes it off nicely.

Musically, Kälte, the man behind Firunwinta, brings Black Metal from the ‘third wave’ Black Metal of around the 00’s. The downstripped and shrill sounding guitars, raspy vocals and simple drums are very reminiscent of all the ‘greats’ of that era, think of Ildjarn, Judas Iscariot, Nargaroth, Weltmacht, Mütiilation and Satanic Warmaster. Little original perhaps, but with that wonderful spontaneous and at the same time hateful sound. That specific sound that is just imprinted in your DNA and that you can’t let go of, but at the same time it is also something that you don’t often come across these days. That alone is a reason to embrace Firunwinta, but Kälte is also capable of writing good and interesting songs that stick with you.

Firunwinta reminds me of the adventurous search for new bands from around the early 00’s. This clearly has its charm and because of the rarity of this unique and primitive sound, Kälte already deserves all the attention for its first EP. (FelixS)