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The Eliminati – The First EP [EP]

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My home country The Netherlands brought forth some great bands, be it in the past or present. One of those bands I’m proud of is a band called Dead Head which is a unique “over-the-top?-You-haven’t-heard-nothing-yet!”-Thrash band, if you ask me. This band was a huge influence for another Dutch band called Magnetron. Combined with the fun thrash-side of Anthrax, the fury of Nuclear Assault or Hypnosia and an occasional NWOBHM twin-solo along with a healthy “fuck you, let’s Thrash!” attitude. And all this gave Magnetron some notice in the underground. The debut album “A Measured Timeframe” received reviews which ranged from very good to raving. And then things changed; gigs, a new drummer and writing new songs. And writing new songs made the blokes realize they were drifting away from the “fun” part. The emphasis shifted from Bermuda shorts and funny band pictures towards a more mature sound and ditto approach. Also the love for Death Metal till 1993 blended in. Exit the name Magnetron (Microwave in Dutch) and enter the Death squadron The Eliminati! This EP still has the best of Magnetron, furious Thrash, melodic hooks, good leads and solos, gang-shouts and raspy vocals but the musical assault has been expanded with a Martin van Drunen-alike vokills, variation in speed and as said, more Old School Death Metal influences in the riffs and song structures. The power of The Eliminati is that all songs have the same ingredients, but they managed to make every song different so there is not a single trace of redundancy. Be it the melodic main riff of “The Unwrapped”, up-tempo thrashy “Sandstorm” with Maidenesque “Flash of the Blade” tremolo picking, or the early 1990s UK Doom/Death opening of “Wrapped in Plastic”, The Eliminati serves a diversified menu at their diner. And I have to be honest with you; maybe I’m a bit prejudiced as I know the bandmembers very well. But you don’t have to take my word for it, the EP is for free at Bandcamp so give it a listen or two and let the music convince you. And you will be convinced… (Ricardo)

The Eliminati

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