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Arise From Worms – Arise From Worms [EP]

arise from worms – arise from worms [ep]


I am always a bit allergic to the term ‘supergroup’, not only because it is often an exaggerated representation of reality, but even more so because it is often musically hugely disappointing. Best example of this is Bloodbath, a line-up you amaze you, but with a dizzyingly disappointing result with one album sounding even more jaded and boring than the other. Whenever a band is labelled with the ‘supergroup’-term, I always react with some reservation, as was the case with Arise From Worms. But that really wasn’t necessary in this case.

Arise From Worms is a technical Death Metal band made up of Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel) and Sonny Lombardozzi (ex-Incantation) who bring their first feat to the table with this self-released 3-track EP. The three tracks offer a multicoloured palette of Death Metal that emphasises the technical ingenuity and musical talent of this trio. Lombardozzi’s neoclassical guitar violence is at times reminiscent of a Death Metal variant of Yngwie Malmsteen with a healthy adoration for Nile. Mounier’s inimitable drumming completes the whirlwind of slightly dissonant and progressive Voivodian violence. As icing on the cake, there is then Steve Tucker with his impressive vocals, proving all the more to be one of the most underrated Death Metal singers. Although not completely comparable musically, because of its versatility and bright production, it reminds me a bit of the Horrendous demo in terms of intensity.

The whole thing lasts just over 13 minutes, but leaves an excellent impression. Not only does it prove that my natural reservation against some phenomena is not always the right attitude and that sometimes scene veterans are indeed capable of making solid impressions later in their careers, but also that the metal scene sometimes operates in the strangest of ways. This EP was released by the band itself, while you’d think the labels would be lining up for Arise From Worms. Should the three musicians be able to (continue to) free up enough time for Arise From Worms, I predict a bright future for this trio.

Arise From Worms

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