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Amorphous Dominion – A Blaze In The Eastern Sky [EP]

amorphous dominion – a blaze in the eastern sky [ep]


After having released a debut demo tape in 2022, the Thai Black Metal band Amorphous Dominion returns with its follow-up in the form of this self-released EP. That demo, merely titled ‘Demo 2022’, showcased the band’s schizophrenic nature: while proudly wearing their Thai/Eastern origin but at the same time strongly focussing on Northern European Black Metal. That interesting contradiction is put to even greater lengths on this new EP that also carries that phenomenon as its title in an obvious way.

But unlike its obvious name giver, ‘A Blaze In The Eastern Sky’ has very little to do with Darkthrone. Instead, perfectly in line with its preceding work, this new EP sounds just like a good blend of the giants of classic Northern European Black Metal. They throw in a bit and pieces of bands like Immortal, Setherial, Marduk, Emperor, Mayhem and Dissection. Yet, while it sounds all very familiar, and yes, some riffs do indeed sound VERY familiar, Amorphous Dominion knows how to give this all a very own twist. They call it “Eastern and Thai exotic riffs”; well, that might be it, but whatever it exactly is or how you prefer to label it, it works remarkably well.

Those tasty riffs, full of dynamics in terms of some dissonance and ear piercing sharpness, do all come packed in a very fitting production. I am not quite sure where these tracks were recorded or by whom, but the mixing and mastering is courtesy of Januaryo Hardy of Pure Wrath, something that actually surprising me as ‘A Blaze In The Eastern Sky’ doesn’t sound all too slick or polished as compared to Pure Wrath’s latest work. But, that allows the music to maintain its more underground ambiance, it still has a bit of that rawness that made ‘Demo 2022’ such an appealing listen.

It might be clear that ‘A Blaze In The Eastern Sky’ is not for those who are interested in a refreshing take on the Black Metal genre. In fact, the EP is thoroughly regressive piece of bombastic art that takes great pride in honouring the flagbearers of Scandinavian Black Metal of the 90’s. Personally I love the way Amorphous Dominion still keeps their music recognizable while giving it a personal spin in combination with the not all too refined and gleaming sound – not sure whether this is a predetermined plan, but at least it works out fine on this latest offering.


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