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Wurdulac – Necronomicon I [Demo]

wurdulac – necronomicon i [demo]


The worst aspect of something turning into a trend – or something very similar – is having people grabbing on to it like their lives depended on it. Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit… or a lot, but bear with me, please. Wurdulac plays Raw Black Metal with a very poor production, lo-fi sounding and all the aesthetic, right? Yes, sort of. That, for me, on an immediate encounter, would sound just perfect.

This is right down my alley: Raw Black Metal with this dusty, rotten production, based on atmosphere and overall necro sound. But there will always be a difference between good and lesser good musicians. I feel that saying that there are bad musicians, simply sounds disrespectful, and not being a musician myself, gives me zero credits when it comes to analyse such work. Nonetheless, I can – and I do have – an opinion regarding the Music they make and that, in this case, does not go beyond average. Wurdulac was an unknown name to me. It is becoming harder and harder to stay up to date with new releases and news project, mostly due to the first fact I pointed out in the beginning. Well, being unknown to me, I did do a little research, but in the end I preferred to stick to this release, and “examine” it as it is.

When it comes to Wurdulac: Canada, no date of formation, Vassago is the sole creative mind in the project and its first release is from 2019 – “Dungeon Lord”, Demo – being “Necronomicon”, from the present year, its 2nd Demo. As stated previously, Wurdulac’s sound is average Raw Black Metal. It does not add anything of interest, nor does it take the (sub)genre to a different level. No, it is more of the same, as we tend to say in Portugal, in situations like these. It is enjoyable? Yes, it is. It does have a Sadomator cover (“Goat Evoked Masochism”), for all of those that appreciate said band.

In a World so overwhelmed by daily releases, Wurdulac might not stand the test of time and “die”, forgotten. Or maybe, for die-hard fans, it does sound fresh and still able to surprise the listener, and that is the beauty of Music: it will sound/look differently to each one of us. (DanielP)


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