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Kurjuus – Korven Muuttumaton, Erehtymätön Laki [Demo]

kurjuus – korven muuttumaton, erehtymätön laki [demo]


Although already having been founded in 2017 and having released a good number of demo’s and EP’s, this latest one being the 11th release in total, this is the first review on our pages of this Finnish one-man act. And while we have a strong penchant for Finnish Black Metal here, it was about time we put that right…

Just like all of its preceding brothers and sisters, this new demo has again a title that for non-Finnish will completely be unpronounceable, but it gives away a lot of the music’s identity. Translating it to English, it means so much as the “immutable, Infallible law of the forest”, add this to yet another picture of the sole musician of Kurjuus in a forest and translate the band name as well (“misery”) and you will have the complete picture. This is solitary Black Metal in a simple and stripped-down fashion, strong repeating melodies in an even stronger melancholic and grief-stricken overall sound.

While the first impression is that it fits just straight into the rest of the band’s musical legacy, it seems that Kurjuus is being steered into a slightly different direction with this demo. The strong, bareboned Ildjarn-esque core is still there, but the tempo has been slowed down giving it a bit more of an atmosphere that touches upon the realm of Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal. Especially the third track falls right into this category and is the true highlight of this demo, beautiful in its honest nakedness. With its simplicity and the obvious disinterest and total indifference to modernities, Kujuus keeps its musical core compact and incorruptible although on this demo there are the first (tentative) signs of a slight turnaround in sound, something we are sure to hear expanded on the forthcoming EP due out in December this year.


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