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Cryptopsy – The Book of Suffering (Tome 1) [EP]

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With classic death metal albums such as ‘Blasphemy Made Flesh’ and ‘None So Vile’ from the beginning of the 90s in mind, I was very curious about the new EP titled ‘The Book of Suffering (Tome 1)’ from Canadian brutal death metal band Cryptopsy. Their last effort dates already from 2012 and now it seems they won’t release a new studio full length in the near future, but want to release a series of EP’s. And not through a label, but with help from their fans and sponsors, because they’ve also jumped the boat of ‘crowdfunding’. And the first part of their series now is ready, mixed and mastered and eager to explode out of the speakers. Four tracks are audible and when finished listening, I have to conclude they did a very great job with them. The sound takes you back to their starting period with splendid technical death metal where the speed, aggression en energy takes you along their trip. The blastbeats are thrown straight towards your face, the fat screamy voice from Matt McGachy is awesome and the drum parts are from another dimension! Track 3 ‘Halothane Glow’ is for me the most complete track on this EP and is able to feed my rage for death metal. Great one and hopefully the series they want to create continues until they don’t receive money again…something that will never happen…so keep it coming…yeah! (Fredde)