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Nordavind – Den Vordende Ånd

nordavind – den vordende Ånd


It is impossible to not connect a Norwegian Black Metal band with the name Nordavind with the short-lived Storm project, formed by Fenriz (Darkthrone and Isengard) and Satyr (Satyricon and Wongraven) with the addition of original The Third And The Mortal singer Kari Rueslåtten. Together they released the seminal classic Viking/Folk Metal record ‘Nordavind’ (1995) that helped to forever set the standard for the genre.

This band, however, which is not quite the first one adopting this name, is not merely paying homage to Storm. While it obviously bears some resemblances to Storm, it offers a wider scope of influences, making this sophomore album by this one-man act quite a varied experience. The comparison to Storm is to be found within the use of folky melodies and a moody atmosphere evoked by the heavy use of keyboards.

But the music underpinning Nordavind is definitely of a more solid kind. The sharp guitar tone and the vocals that are tucked away a bit deeper in the mix, give the whole thing a more aggressive character. The rawer sound, in which the guitars in particular almost touch Lo-Fi territory, does the rest and gives this, otherwise rather short album, a somewhat eclectic nature. This is further expressed in the use of beautiful piano passages and other moments of built-in tranquillity that further underline the dynamic character. Striking are those previously mentioned, suppressed vocals that sound a bit American and bring back memories of both Leviathan and Xasthur and apparently go extremely well with the Norwegian-like song structures. The whole thing comes across as quite sophisticated and intelligent.

This second album, clocking less than 30 minutes, is definitely recommended to those who are in for a Black Metal record that comes with a lot of variety as well as sounding strangely familiar in its individual musical elements. Emil Solberg, the sole member behind Nordavind, certainly shows here with this latest work that he knows his craft, so it is certainly not out of the question that Nordavind will then (finally) be picked up by a suitable label.


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