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Adversaire – Adversaire [EP]

adversaire – adversaire [ep]


This new 20-minute EP follows quickly after the release of this Canadian’s previous ‘Froid’-EP. With less than two weeks between them, I assume that all tracks on both releases were written and recorded within the same frame of time, yet, there is quite something to analyse here.

As a basic principle, the band has not changed much of its recipe, however, the emphasis on this self-titled EP is on different elements than before. There is still a lot left of the crudeness and unorthodox Punky aesthetics that typified the band’s earlier recordings. Yet, I wouldn’t again use the same musical parallels to describe the music. In the review for ‘Froid’ I mentioned some of Canada’s leading Raw and Punk-fuelled Black Metal bands such as Bone Awl and Akitsa.

While there is still something left of their native Black Metal heritage, it is especially the excellent opening track of ‘Adversaire’ that struck me most. That track, ‘Fils Du Chaos’, definitely is the best thing the band has put forth so far. It has a true Northern European vibe to it that draws obvious comparisons to bands like (pre-debut) Armagedda, Urgehal, Tsjuder, Gorgoroth, Darkthrone or maybe even bands like Horna and Warloghe. That the band didn’t lose their Folkish touch is best heard in ‘Tonnerre Céleste’ which has some Fenriz-like chanting, consequently reminding a lot of classic Isengard.

Although the band is still quite young in terms of active years, having started to release music in 2023, Adversaire has put some impressive quality to the table. This self-titled EP does not only contain the best material the band was able to offer so far, it also sets the bar high for its follow-up. This band for sure has all the needed potential to get their material released on physical format through some great labels.


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