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Subjugated Black Death Immolation – The Watcher Of Darkness And Error [Demo]

subjugated black death immolation – the watcher of darkness and error [demo]


It is not for the first time that I am writing some praising words about the Chilean Black Metal scene, the South-American country has served us with some more than splendid Black Metal in the recent years. The country’s take on the scene has been quite a creative one yet mainly leaning on the European tradition, especially the bands surrounding the so-called “Pure Raw Underground Black Metal Plague” are bringing some resourceful Black Metal. Yet, this band, hailing out of the country’s capital of Santiago, is approaching the genre from a different angle.

While the music can still thoroughly regarded as Raw Black Metal, the almost trademark atmospheric Norwegian sort of feel is largely traded for a more Lo-Fi approach, while never getting into the territories of the likes of Carved Cross or Bone Awl, to name just a few. Yet, it clearly has elements that can be traced back to exactly those bands and the ones closely sounding like them. On this short one-track demo, the repeating melodies and the dynamic use of (mostly distorted) vocals are together creating an interesting contrast that give them a rather unique character. Towards the end of the song, the band spices things up even a bit further by adding some genuine Urfaustian bellowing chanting, allowing the band to become even more a sui generis of the current Chilean Black Metal scene.

In the past five years Subjugated Black Death Immolation has spawned no less than two EP’s, one split and three demos (this new one included), meaning that the band is taking their work seriously. While I have had the band on my radar for some time already, I never got around of reviewing any of their work, but ‘The Watcher Of Darkness And Error’ was really too much of a tasty little gem to leave untouched. In case you are interested in the aforementioned bands, you should try to give this great little demo (just clocking over 7 minutes) a listen: quite sure you will not be disappointed.

Subjugated Black Death Immolation

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