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Larvae – Necroptuary [EP]

larvae – necroptuary [ep]


After a brief intro, a tremendous mallet hits you in the head. This is how this story begins, with a band that sounds quite thick and compact, either because the strings are complemented very well with the drums, or because of that brutal distortion, or because simply the metal they practice is a huge sonic anvil.

Yes, it has all the heaviness of death doom metal (as we now know it), but it is inevitable to think of Swedish Death Metal or Finnish. In the first case it may be due to distortion and some occasional melodies. In the second, for those dramatic but heavy parts that we met thanks to old Amorphis. Larvae seems to know how to handle well from one way to another, but not only that … they also surprise by incorporating Black Metal quotas in the compositions, as can be heard in the second track, “Decomposed Disembodied”. What better than join the three master schools in the extreme and dark metal: Death, Doom and Black.

Another particularity that Larvae has are guitar solos. These stand out for their simplicity, simplicity that offers a lot because it let you feel their degree of honesty and inspiration. Before a technical entanglement that tells you nothing, well-placed notes that reflect the emotion of the artist are preferable.

There are only three themes (each of regular duration, always around 7 minutes) that are more than necessary to break your neck. A blunt success the name of the EP…and the very name of the band also! (MarioR)


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