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Svrm – Розпад

svrm – Розпад


A solo project from Kharkiv, Svrm has done it again with their latest release “Розпад” (decay). At just over 24 minutes this is a masterclass is the eastern/slavic atmospheric black metal sound most often associated with the one and only Drudkh. If second wave worship is a thing, this is surely Drudkh worship, and I mean that in the best of ways.

Sticking close to the path laid down by their eastern forebearers before them and their own prior works, Svrm does not reinvent the wheel on their latest offering, but with execution like this fuck if they need to: wonderfully atmospheric eastern riffing with raging and angry vocals of death and decay, all interlaced with beautiful and emotive breaks and interludes of superb classical guitar.

Beautifully hypnotic and repetitive yet creatively nuanced and layered, there is a notable advancement in the quality of the axe work compared with their prior work, which was nothing to complain about. Arguably the most memorable parts of “Розпад” are the seamless and perfectly executed transitions between the frenzied and frigid Saenko-esque riffing and howling hateful lyrics, and the flawless, slow, melancholic acoustic sections, and then back to the hate again.

Rage, despair, and terror, with fleeting moments of beauty you wish would last just a little longer. Just like life.

S. is clearly comfortable in both the traditional eastern Black Metal mold as well as the dark folk/acoustic vein, and I for one would enjoy hearing him explore more of the latter on future offerings or side-projects.

If you are a fan of eastern/Slavic atmospheric Black Metal this is one worth listening to. If you are a fan of any of Roman Saenkos work this is a must. I for one look forward to seeing what Svrm and Vigor Deconsruct have in store for the physical treatment this readily deserves. (Empyreal Cascadian)


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