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Drape – The Choir Above And The Symphony Below [EP]

drape – the choir above and the symphony below [ep]


Only a couple of days after Drape’s debut demo ‘Under The Majestic Black Mist’ the American one-man act returns with its follow-up; the twenty minute clocking and the evocatively titled ‘The Choir Above And The Symphony Below’. The band’s debut demo only lasted for ten minutes, but was already more than convincing, showcasing Drape’s penchant for classic 90’s Black Metal. With this latest offering, that clocks in twice as long, the band further deepens my appreciation for its music.

It could hardly be otherwise, with such a short gap between the two demos, but ‘The Choir Above And The Symphony Below’ is entirely in the same musical lineage as its predecessor. An entirely riff-based endeavour that seems to be built in its entirety on the cornerstones laid by bands like Moonblood, Judas Iscariot and Satanic Warmaster more than a quarter of a century ago. They are the same references I used earlier for Drape, but compared to the first demo, the music here is even more harmonious. However, not without that appealingly oppressive Lo-Fi production that also made the first work so boundlessly mesmerising. Not all too far removed from Drowning The Light’s early pioneering work.

Drape’s godfather definitely know his craft, the melodies offered on this second piece of work are total earworms and show the man’s sense for musical balance and overall song writing. Take the lead melody in a song like ‘The Celestial Symphony Under The Light Of God’, it lingers throughout the whole song and ends in such a splendid climax that it resonates long after the song ended and flowed into a Ambient/Dungeon Synth-like interlude.

The potential shown on ‘Under The Majestic Black Mist’ has been materialized not only sooner than expected, but moreover it materialized beyond expectation. With only two demos, totalling only half an hour of music, Drape has positioned itself as one of the most promising American Black Metal bands of today.


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