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Aberration – Refracture

aberration – refracture


Aberration debuted in 2021 with a self-titled EP after which it remained quiet for a long time, not counting the Beherit cover that was released a digital single in 2023. But the band, comprised out of members that are also active in a wide scale of different bands like Annihilation Cult, Suffering Hour, Void Rot and Nothingness, returned to the front early this year with a split 7” EP with Diabolic Oath. That split EP apparently was an appetizer for both band’s upcoming full-lengths, but although we already had a sneak peak, ‘Refracture’ was still an album that I had on my watchlist.

Although the band didn’t reinvent any wheels on any of their earlier recordings, their savage mixture of Death- and Black Metal convinced me with its sheer power, relentless pummelling and overall authenticity. The swirling riffs and the chaotic rhythm changes do put them in the same line of some of those revered Canadian giants like Antediluvian, Adversial and Mitochondrion. Just like with these Canadians, or perhaps the Australians of Impetuous Ritual, Aberration takes Death Metal as the main foundation, but do add a lot of dark and oppressing riffs and atmospheric elements to the mix.

And, in line with the track on the split 7” EP with Diabolic Oath, there seems to be an increasing amount of down tuned and slow lingering parts added to the musical concept of Aberration. It doesn’t only add to the dynamics, but even more so to the ominous and overwhelmingly suffocating ambiance of the music. Although already present on the earliest recordings, this is an element that is given more attention and a more prominent place in the song writing, something that the horrifying effect of the music definitely benefits from.

Aberration might not bring anything remotely new to the table, the quality delivered and the intensity of the music definitely makes up for a lack of originality. Fans of this genre would do well to give this record a go.

Sentient Ruin Laboratories

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