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Dead Dog’s Howl – Mausoleum of Confessed Thoughts [Demo]

dead dog’s howl – mausoleum of confessed thoughts [demo]


At first, I was confused. Kept thinking that maybe I was not able to reach this level of understanding of Black Metal, to be able to do dwell into Dead Dog’s Howl’s maniac approach to the genre. Well, maybe not maniac, but special and singular. This is Dead Dog’s Howl’s first crack at a recording. Those reading is, and keen on that awful rehearsal room recording, this might suit your taste, dear chaps.

Perhaps it is not that much into the rehearsal room sound, but it is lo-fi and very straight to the point, never losing its spirit. But Music. First track is very freaky. According to the band, a two men ensemble, they are worshipping the Old Spirits of Hellenic Black Metal, especially Necromantia. In a way, if you spend some time listening to these three tracks, you might understand the essence of their Music. When we reach the third, and last, track, one ends up being pulled into the spirit of the release, what probably is what these two blokes expected to happen. I mean, first track is a hard bone to chew, the second track is slightly easier – and it does fall more into my sphere of interest – and the last track sounds very much more interesting, much more Black Metal from the land of Greeks. Keyboards are much more present, adding layers of ambience. I forgot to mention that Dead Dog’s Howl is formed by a Polish musician – Dreyer – and a North american one – Corpse, from Martyrvore and Cemetery Lights – and the lyrics were written by Jim Mutilator, from the original Rotting Christ line-up. In that sense, they do touch the ancient ways of Greek Black Metal.

Overall? I still find the first track a bit different – or maybe I did not get around the “out of time” that is that track – the second one did grow on me, with that dark and slow pace, and the third one is quite good, much closer to what I read was their goal. Overall, it is a good offering, especially considering everyone wants to be Raw and Lo-fi. (DanielP)

Dead Dog's Howl

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