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Hexeen – Hexeentanz [EP]

hexeen – hexeentanz [ep]


Hexeen are a Black Metal quintet from the tiny country of Luxembourg, which begs the question, how does such a tiny place have five Black Metal afficionados? I jest of course! The bands debut EP ‘Hexeentanz’ is well worth a listen though, and there is no jest in that statement. From a cautious first few seconds blooms a ravenous burst of Black Metal aggression that morphs once more into a highly rhythmic blast of forceful guitar leads and a coming together of rumbling bass tones and flowing, seamless drumming that will have you nodding your head instantly. Hexeen though are especially adept at choruses, and their melodic style and passionately harsh vocals combine well to really hook your attention. But wait! There’s more! A slow, subtler focus comes into play with heart wrenching guitar melodies and climactic drumming before once more surging forward aggressively with more marauding and intoxicating sounds.

All of that was evident just in the opening track ‘Nihil Deus Est’. (Latin for God is Nothing) During the title track ‘Hexeentanz’ the build further explore their impressive and expansive repertoire with a more brutal track that focuses more on a direct, pummelling old school Black Metal style of hammering drum tones, noxious riffs and thundering bass playing. That said, there is still room for some brooding slower passages of dark and cloying melody, bolstered by grinding guitar leads and a touch of whimsical synth!

What I like about this EP is that each track stands alone, with its own unique personality. The juxtaposition during ‘December Moon’ of deeply pleasing groove and punishing blast beat fuelled aggression is both intoxicating and enthralling; feelings that are heightened further by moments of low key melody that then explode into urgent hostility. Further to that, the ebb and flow of ‘Wandering on Darkened Paths’ takes you on a journey of cruising, simple and enjoying grooves, contrasted by abrasive vocal work and poignant sounding guitar leads.

Hexeen bring this magnificent debut offering to a close with ‘Cult of Necrotic Incantations’, a slower, more cautious track that builds anticipation well before finally petering out into nothingness. An unbelievably good EP from the darkest depths of Luxembourg.


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