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Golgot – Estrangement I: Floodline [Demo]

golgot – estrangement i: floodline [demo]


In 2019 a German and an American decided to form a Black/Death Metal project and they called it simply Golgot. They then unleashed their debut demo and they called that ‘Estrangement I: Floodline’, putting it out on cassette. So far there have been no other chapters to this story…

It’s a rough demo for sure. Bleak, shrieked vocals sound fiercely out of the gloom created by a slightly lo-fi production, whilst the guitar leads are probing during opener ‘Elusive Obelisk’ and a little clunky. I do like the heavy bass presence on the demo whilst the drumming is on the primitive side. As the pace increases through ‘Carrion (My Leprous Son)’ – a play on words I enjoyed greatly – the cohesiveness of the demo improves and the drumming especially takes on a more dynamic form. It’s during ‘Floodline’ that the Golgot throw out a curve ball with some spartan use of atmospheric synth play which makes a first appearance, and well as a more growled and sinister vocal style and some interesting bass rhythms. Further into the track and the duo unleash some of their most vitriolic and chaotic riffs yet before the finale track ‘Flesh Adoption’ ends things with a slower, bleaker mood. Its a raw, warts and all demo that improves as it progresses and it will be interesting to see the progression on Estrangement II, whenever that will be. (Luke Hayhurst)


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