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Chemin de Croix – MMXXXIII [Demo]

chemin de croix – mmxxxiii [demo]


Quebec has been confirming its influence in the contemporary Black Metal scene for a while now. From Raw Black Metal to a much more melancholic approach, Quebec has proved to be a more than valid offering for Black Metal enthusiasts.

Well, Canada as a whole, if we want to be more precise. Every now and then, a few musicians/artists come along and shake the established structures that hold everything in place, forcing the ecosystem of which they are part of, to readapt and focus.

Chemin de Croix is a very interesting example of the state of Quebecois Black Metal, in specific, and why not, a large part of the Black Metal Worldwide scene, especially those that realized that the genre needed to return to its roots and grow from there.

I remember talking to Vulturius (IRAE, Morte Incandescente, etc.) about this wave of revivalism of Raw Black Metal, and his answer was that Black Metal has always been a genre prone to raw and visceral atmospheres and production. Truth be told, the man has always lived in that segment, so it is understandable. Nonetheless, if we go back in time, already in the 21st century, you will see that not that many artists took this route. Thankfully, not all are absolute rubbish, and some are exquisite.

Chemin de Croix’s attempt at Raw Black Metal is based on hypnotic riffs and repetition… riffs and rhythms are repeated to a point where they become a piercing melody, encrusted in your mind.

There is a delicate melancholy in their music. Old melodies and ways of approaching the music, all reminiscent of ancient times, where pace was slower, and atmospheres smelled of mold and blood. 4 tracks that show what this project is all about.

You can find some details that could lead you to countries like France, for example, and where I find this to be more accurate is in how the band sounds. Not the structure of the songs, but the overall feeling that oozes from these tracks. I have mentioned mold, and mold it is. The melodies are quite simple, no complex riffs or drumming, straight to the core of Black Metal, whatever that is. “III” is a perfect example of how good this project is, and the fact that we can hear the bass… it gives it that thicker sound, you know?

This is stellar, this is death. This is the sound of Death.

Chemin de Croix

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