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Eljudner – Promo 2003 [Demo]

eljudner – promo 2003 [demo]


A few days ago I already put a Eljudner interview online here at VM and now it’s time to give the ‘Promo 2003’ some attention as well. This promo contains three tracks in the typical Norwegian Viking/Black Metal style…and that’s the music style I like most. And Eljudner is really a band who’s contribution is worth a listen. Soundwise they sound similar to old Hades Almighty, Aeternus and even some Burzum influences can be found even though just a little bit.

The promo starts off with ‘Der hammer og kors møtes’, a mid-paced epic song with a heavy and interesting guitar riff leading the song. This one could have been made by Hades Almighty or Aeternus years and years ago. The vocals are a bit deeper then most of the releases in this genre and I think a comparison to Ares from Aeternus isn’t that wrong. Very good!

The second song ‘Liivet af mig render’ is just as great and also this one could have been composed by Aeternus or Hades Almighty a decade ago. And also this one is mainly mid-paced. Halfway the song there is the use of clean choir-like vocals which gives this one an extra touch to it. Also the rhythms are great. I really like this alot! Finally ‘En verdig død’ closing this demo and what is said about the other two songs can be said here as well. Great epic mid-paced Viking/Black Metal which stays interesting all the way.

Because this demo was printed in just 30 copies or something it now isn’t available any more but when visiting their website www.eljudner.com you’ll find a link where you can download the complete promo for free.

As said in the interview already a 12″ will be unleashed upon mankind very soon and that is a release I’ll be looking forward to because Eljudner is one of the most interesting newcomer bands lately (having in mind they started only last year).

Eljudner, a band with a lot of potential!


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