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Frostnatt – I Det Høye Nord [EP]

frostnatt – i det høye nord [ep]


The sum of the title of this EP, ‘I Det Høye Nord’, which from Norwegian translates to ‘In The High North’, and the appetizing cover artwork gives pretty much away what we are going to deal with. Even if you haven’t heard any of the 10+ titles counting back catalogue of this Russian one-man band, very little has been done to keep the musical formula a surprise. Everything about Frostnatt, which is Norwegian for “Frosty Night”, breathes Northern European Black Metal, even the name of the godfather of the band, Alex Evensen, sounds way more European than Russian…

Ahh, well… Let’s then just let the music do the talking then. On this umpteenth release, Evensen only needs 17 minutes to show what he’s made of, or, at least where he gets his inspirations from. In an almost ritualistic fashion Evensen weaves his Northern sounds into an amazing brand of Folk-tinged Pagan/Black Metal, his sense of melody and song writing is really allowing each individual element to shine and propel the music to more than professional heights. He incorporates bits and pieces from the Folk-inspired entities from the Second Wave of Black Metal as well as lots of passages that definitely sounds way more modern. As a result the keen and interested ear can hear Ulver, Borknagar, Vintersorg and Einherjer reflected in this as well as Winterfylleth, Drudkh, Saor and Agalloch. Even such Nordic folk acts as Hagalaz’ Runedance, Wongraven and Storm must have provided some inspiration. The fact that Evensen is also active in the post-(Black) Metal band Wintermorph and has at least an interest in that particular genre can be heard in the long-stretched melody lines and repetitive Alcest-like hypnotic splendour.

Those who like their Black Metal atmospheric and brimming with exciting Folk/Pagan melodies and almost tribal-like ritual drums should do themselves a favour and check out at least this latest short-player of Frostnatt. Don’t let the band name and title put you off, I think we have now reached the point where we can conclude that the use of other, in this case Northern, languages by all kinds of bands from all corners of the world may be seen as a common good – at least it is certainly no crazier than, say, a German band using (flawed) English. ‘I Det Høye Nord’ has a rare beauty to offer that obviates all prejudice and other unnecessary drama: Frostnatt can easily compete with the best Scandinavian bands.


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