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Fourth Monarchy – Nocturnal Odes Of A Wandering Spirit

fourth monarchy – nocturnal odes of a wandering spirit


The history of this Italian Black Metal band dates back all the way to 2002, when the band was founded. In the very first years of their existence they were able to release one demo, their debut album and a compilation after which they decided to throw in the towel in 2008. But they decided to revive their band in 2019, but that was not the only surprise, they seemingly also relocated to Belgium, where they now operate out of the Belgian capital of Brussels.

This new album, ‘Nocturnal Odes Of A Wandering Spirit’, is their first offering since their return and is digitally released by the band themselves through some of the currently popular streaming services. Although Fourth Monarchy wasn’t a band that had so much going on in their first years, this new album proves they have some decent musical ideas that needed to be told. Their take of the Black Metal genre is one that is highly melodic and bombastic, but without losing touch of their real Black Metal foundation. With these melodic elements they do draw resemblances with quite a lot (mostly Scandinavian) bands from the turn of the century/millennium. You can take bands like Grief Of Emerald, Catamenia and Old Man’s Child to give yourself a proper idea of how Fourth Monarchy builds up their music. The use of middle-eastern instruments does further enhances the melodic character of the music and gives it a more distinct and somewhat original touch.

But while the music in itself is quite solid, or at least has enough leads to further develop the band’s style, there is also some work to be done to make it all work to its fullest. The most important thing is the overall sound, which now sounds a little thin and at points not very well-balanced. Although you do get used to it after a while, it definitely requires much more punch and depth, there is practically no low-end to be discerned into the overall production. When Fourth Monarchy is able to tackle this “problem”, then I am quite sure that their music will so much more powerful and convincing.

Fourth Monarchy

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