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Verhinderer – Ruhepol [EP]

verhinderer – ruhepol [ep]


Bettler, the sole member behind this new Black Metal project from Germany, is not only really honest about his musical achievements but very humble too. Maybe not quite self-effacing, but well, blessed are the meek, I guess. Bettler tells us that this first self-recorded and self-released EP is a reflection of and a musical homage to the German area called Schwarzwald. That is a place that he seemingly spent quite some time at a cabin at the edge of the forest. The music on ‘Ruhepol’ is reflecting the grandeur of this majestic place.

And although Bettler is calling himself an amateur (aren’t we all?), the music on ‘Ruhepol’ definitely doesn’t all that amateurish. Of course, I am sure that there is quite some room for a bit of editing, tweaking and overall fine-tuning, but the result is a great EP that is highly enjoyable to those who appreciate atmosphere as well as melody in their brand of Black Metal. The music sounds both dreamy as well as fierce and proud, the semi-clean guitar strumming and several nature samples do add up to an organic whole that shares resemblances with bands that roam in the same territories such as Drudkh, Ygg, Winterfylleth, Skogen and Saor. Bands that have their music deeply rooted in folky atmospheres and mesmerizing song writing. And not only that, but they are all able to strike the same sort of emotional chords, Bettler’s admiration for the grand and imposing natural beauty that inspired him shines through every single second of the music.

After having listened to ‘Ruhepol’ a couple of times, it is very safe to say that Bettler’s modesty may grace him, but based on his musical performance, it is not exactly necessary. ‘Ruhepol’ definitely turned out to be a much convincing debut EP which gives more than enough leads to raise enthusiasm.


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