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Black:I – Kimah Elenu Su’ati Bahlu

black:i – kimah elenu su’ati bahlu


It is always a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to review the work of a band from my home country Bulgaria. And here they are Black:I from Sofia, Bulgaria.This is their second full-length album in which all the titles are in the ancient Sumerian language (the lyrics are written in English with some Latin passages here and there) and the title ‘Kimah Elenu Su’ati Bahlu’ should be translated as ‘As within so without’ (I got all the translations from one of the band members).

I must admit I am not the greatest Black Metal fan but this album is something that cannot leave you indifferent. Venus (guitars), Saturn (bass/vocals), Mercurius (vocals) and Vortep (drums) will take you on a journey through their grim sonic landscapes. The beginning is set by ‘Xul, Kan, Esh’ (‘Odium, Blood, Fire’) and it is one fast and furious Black Metal ride with harsh screams mixed with some clear epic singing. The vibe is similar to the ‘Eld’ record from the mighty viking horde Enslaved because of the majestic sound. The madness continues with ‘Ultuula, Zikru, Sagkal’ (‘Time, Consciousness, Stone) which is one bit slower than the opener but still possesses plenty of spite and venom. ‘Sittu Asar Mu’ (‘Calmness, Eye, Water’) reminds of the early works of Dimmu Borgir while ‘Salmu, Udi, Uttu’ (‘Color, Imagination, Sun’) starts with a sinister intro and then transforms into a more mid-tempo Black Metal horror. The end of this spectacular album comes with ‘Asu, Libbu, Nanna’ (‘Exit, Heart, Moon’) which begins slow and then goes into a full-speed sonic attack.

The production of the album is on a high level and the members of the band are obviously experienced musicians with plenty of interesting ideas. If you need to hear some first-class Black Metal then Black:I definitely deserve your attention. Those guys should be on a label and their music should be heard by as many fans as possible since what they do they do it really well.


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