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Deathevocation – Demo MMXIII

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Deathevocation is only recently formed and according to the bandphoto, we are dealing with quite a young and unexperienced bunch of deathbangers. The first question which pops into my mind…Do they play in the Carnage/Dismember vein? A simple “No, they don’t” is sufficient in this case. They play “Death Metallia Mikkelistä”, or in plain English “Death Metal from city of Mikkeli, Finland”. So what is “Death Metallia Mikkelistä”? Straightforward Death Metal in the American style. Nothing more, nothing less. On this demo Deathevocation are working with a drumcomputer, but as of now they have a drummer of flesh and bones. 15-20 Years ago the use of a drumcomputer had such a huge effect on the sound, which made it annoying in most cases. Except for Limbonic Art of Mortician of course. Although you can still hear it’s a drumcomputer, the technology improved concerning sound. So what’s left are the riffs, the ability to write a good song and if the vokills are nailing it. The riffs aren’t that special, the songs are a bit average and the vokills are more hoarse shouts. The first song “Land of Oblivion” is the song that differs most with the others as it starts with a fierce blast beat (after a small intro) and a repeating rhythm riff. This song also has a Steve DiGeorigio bass sound like on Death’s “Individual Thought Patterns”. Maybe they had to wait to record a demo? For now, back to the drawing board guys, and prove me wrong the next time. (Ricardo)