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Dione – Cosmosphere [EP]

dione – cosmosphere [ep]


The seeds of Dione, a Polish one-man project consisting of Krystian Łukaszewicz, must have been sown some time ago. It almost has to be, to pull of an EP of the quality and complexity of ‘Cosmosphere’ within months after forming the band. Mind you, the inspirations on the first recording lie rather prominently at the surface. The music that Dione presents is dissonant blasting Black Metal with semi-distorted vocals, much in the vein of Deathspell Omega, Icelandic bands like Svartidauði or the Dutch band Wesenwille. Shifting atonal riffs and thundering drums (that in ‘Cosmological Fragments’ sound as if they have most likely been programmed) are arranged in a chaotic and disorienting fashion, although the occasional more classic Norse riff and a drop to medium pace offer some welcome relief. The songs are relatively short in comparison, with ‘From Obliteration to Macrocosm’ taking the crown of the lengthiest track at a bit over five and a half minutes. Due to this more concise songwriting approach there is a little bit less room for building upon the riffs of the song compared to their peers and this probably adds a bit to the chaotically shifting nature of ‘Cosmosphere’. Having said that, both the aforementioned song and the predominantly midpaced instrumental ‘Resonance above the Unknown’ allow for a little bit more breathing room. In part due to that, ‘From Obliteration to Macrocosm’ takes away prize of best song of the record, featuring the best of extreme and atmospheric elements of the music inaddition to some of the most impressive vocals on the EP.

For a first recording in a complex style, ‘Cosmosphere’ is an impressive release. It has the fury, the chaos, the intensity and a hint of the bewitching atmosphere of its peers, and for a debut attempt does exceptionally well to emulate this style.


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