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Cachot d’Effroi – Demo 1 [Demo]

cachot d’effroi – demo 1 [demo]


Well, here we go again, delving deeper into the realms of the ever prolific streams of the Raw Black Metal scene of late. This time around, I’d like to discuss Cachot d’Effroi first outing,a quite solid demo for a first effort.

Hailing from good old France, Cachot d’Effroi is another good example of the fact that we’re living very exciting times for those who enjoy diving into the fringes of the underground Metal scenes around the world.

Differently from many other bands/projects that fall under the “Raw” Black Metal moniker, Cachot d’Effroi’s approach is somewhat more melodic in comparison to its peers. Opting for lots of variations in the riffs and with a sparse, but well employed, use of synths here and there to accentuate the atmosphere, this is the kind of music that is much more suited to be enjoyed alone.

Speaking of the atmosphere, I’d say that this is one of the demo’s best qualities. It’s cold and bleak and still it transmits a sense of desolation and introspection. Which only contributes to my previous statement. Listening to this demo alone in a dimly lighted room was quite an experience.

If I had to compare the music here to something, I’d name bands like early Xasthur, but I believe that Cachot d’Effroi has enough qualities of its own to avoid the labels of a copy, especially because it’s evident that there’s a lot of passion here, that’s for certain. Check out songs like ‘Torches de ma solitude’ and ‘Les chaînes entourent l’horizon’, which for me are the definite highlights here.

Once again, I don’t believe that Cachot d’Effroi would fall under the nomenclature of “Raw” Black Metal, since it’s much more melodic and pleasurable than most of the outings that populate the genre nowadays. But one thing is for certain, this release is quality Black Metal through and through. Highly recommended!

Cachot d’Effroi

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