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Stutyr – Missä yö teid​ä​t kohtaa [EP]

stutyr – missä yö teid​ä​t kohtaa [ep]


I grew up into Black Metal in the 90ies, a time where melody and traditional approaches were common – and a must. The Greek scene and its characteristic sound, Norway and a more hate fueled attack, and Finland with acts like Beherit and Impaled Nazarene, just to name two. One thing that has always stood out in the Finnish sound, is the melodies, the delicate melodies. Not all are Beherit clones, some are much more attentive to softer melodies than to impulsive destruction, being Satanic Warmaster a great example of a fusion of melody and aggressiveness.

So, whenever I am “face to face” with Finnish Black Metal bands, I immediately expect THAT specific Black Metal, and Stutyr did not disappoint. Before we jump into “Missa yo Teidat Kohtaa”, allow me to mention that Anleifr (guitar and bass) is the multi-instrumentalist behind an amazing act, that releases one of the best pieces of Black Metal, in 2022: Herugrim.

Back to Stutyr. The band’s bedut EP is composed of 4 tracks of a very Finnish sounding Black Metal. Come on! A band like Dissection is, still, one of the most important acts of the genre, ever, and Jon crafted an almost perfect sound with his fusion of melody and ferociousness with his Black/Death Metal hybrid of traditional origins. Stutyr built their sound around very traditional riffing and overall structure. A song like “Meinneiden Varjoista” is a great example of these over-the-top guitar riffs, packed with power and brightness. Cool thing, right? Brightness in a Black Metal album, but the truth is that these riffs are immensely strong and powerful.

The vocals are top-notch, the drumming is steady and thunderous, the bass is audible here and there. This is clearly Finnish, without being a xeroxed copy of a multitude of bands. “Viimeinen Aamunkoi” has amazing moments, Traditional Heavy Metal moments… and they sound amazing! I was expecting a standard Traditional Heavy/Black Metal combo Finnish style, but I got a very, very nice fusion of Melodic Black Metal with a harsher Traditional Heavy Metal at times. Very impressive if I may.


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