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Advent Sorrow – Before the Dimming Light [EP]

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Australia, known for their aggressive, blunt and exxxtreme metal with the likes of Sadistik Exekution, Bestial Warlust, Gospel of the Horns, Deströyer 666 and more recently Ignivomous, Mongrel’s Cross and Impious Baptism, who keep the banner flyin’ high with pride. When it comes to symphonic black metal, Australia isn’t the first country that pops into my mind. Advent Sorrow seems to be one of the few in this genre. This young band from Perth certainly has a strong Dimmu Borgir vibe going on here, which can be confirmed by the Dimmu Borgir cover on their promo in 2011. For example, the first two tracks, “Before the Dimming Light” and “The Wraith in Silence” has the bombastic keyboard parts which can be heard on Dimmu Borgir’s “Death Cult Armegeddon”. There are a lot of pace changes, good supporting rhythm riffs and even some violins to give it a theatrical touch. Later on, on their closing track “Withered by her Curse” there are some fast melodic tunes which are in the “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant” vein. If you ask me, this is the flaw of this EP, as it is to much keyboard driven. For instance the few solos on this EP are keyboard ones. The songs are well composed and the vocals are good enough, only the balance between good memorable riffs and the prominent role of the keyboard is a bit off. Which is quite a shame as this EP has definitely “interesting” written all over it. I will keep an eye on them how Advent Sorrow will evolve. Still, very recommendable to give it a try if you like your black metal symphonic and bombastic. (Ricardo)