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Mortem Agmen – Where Life Ends Forever [Demo]

mortem agmen – where life ends forever [demo]


Although Mortem Agmen is a new band, the German trio behind this act is not exactly inexperienced. Over the past years, the three musicians have gained their experience in a wide range of different bands and that is something that resonates in the music on this debut demo.

The musicians’ experience lies not only in their excellent playing, but also in the sophisticated sound from which they distil their own musical direction. A beautiful, deep melodic and organic sound that lies midway between bands like Xasthur, I Shalt Become and Krohm. With these comparisons, you could say that Mortem Agmen is using that typical dragging and depressive American Black Metal sound, but that just doesn’t quite fit, for that it all sounds just too harmonic and diverse in riffing. And the same argument can also be made for the claim that this is too much in the Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal territories, for that Mortem Agmen again brings too much dynamics to its song structures. But without having to or wanting to occupy ourselves too much with labelling and placing music within certain frameworks, ‘Where Life Ends Forever’ simply presents us with four organic Black Metal gems in which precisely that aforementioned organic and harmonic nature turns out to be of great musical value.

The riffs flow so naturally into each other, lacing and weaving a mesmerizing piece of multi-layered Black Metal of which it is difficult to find a demo of equal quality in this style. Mortem Agmen did not only convince me with their absolutely excellent demo, but I would be really surprised if it takes long for the band to be picked up. Some bands are coming up with their debut albums way too early, but I am truly convinced that these Germans are able to pull off an amazing debut album. I, for one, can’t wait for it to land.

Mortem Agmen

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