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Mogul Dracul – The Tragic Life Of A Melancholic Vampire [EP]

mogul dracul – the tragic life of a melancholic vampire [ep]


Sometimes in life it’s good to be wrong. Don’t believe me? Take Mogul Dracul’s first outing as an example of this tried and true saying.

First of all, the title of this EP would be enough to deter me from listening to it, I mean… ‘The Tragic Life of a Melancholic Vampire’ is a title that not only dwells into the cheesy and edgy territory, but it’s also incorrect, since as far as I know, vampires aren’t technically alive, so…

Anyway, there is another thing here that would also make me, normally, stay away from this EP, like the fact that it was recorded using a cellphone and a microphone only.
These are enough red flags to any self-respecting and serious Black Metal enjoyer to stay far away, however, for reasons I can’t fully comprehend, I ended up listening to this release multiple times since I discovered it.

Despite all the clichés we have found here so far, this is one of the best examples of Mütiilation worship I’ve ever witnessed. It’s like a continuation of what was done in ‘Vampires of Black Imperial Blood’, from soundscapes to aesthetics.

I even wonder how the guy behind this was able to get such convincing sound and mix using only a god forsaken mobile phone!

For fans of the early French scene, not only Mütiilation, but also the other LLN projects and beyond, this EP is a treat and a reminder that clichés are seen as such for a reason. The reason being the fact that clichés are, want it or not, integral part of what makes something unique.

Yes, the “wampyric” thing in Raw Black Metal is becoming overused and tiresome nowadays, but, and this is a big but, when a band or individual decides to base it’s work on it and takes into their responsibility to do it properly, sometimes, we’re gifted with the surprise of a diamond in the rough.

Overall, Mogul Dracul’s first EP isn’t innovative, isn’t even the most creative band/project around, but it surely is a quality and respectable piece of Raw Black Metal that pays respects to its influences.

As I said before, sometimes it’s good to be wrong!

Mogul Dracul

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