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Dismortus – Demo I [Demo]

dismortus – demo i [demo]

DIS-MOR-TUS. Read it, memorize it, absorb it!!! Dismortus kicks you hard in the sphincter with a steel toed Andalusian workboot. Are you planning some domestic renovations? Need to tear down some walls? Just listen to some Dismortus ten minutes before showdown and you’ll tear down those brick walls with your bare hands and knuckles! These Spanish gents master the Swedish Death Metal sound beyond perfection, their sound is massive, when turning my amp up to level 9, I almost created a black hole in my living room.

“Demo I” only contains three songs, “Dreams of a dead corpse” grooves like a mammoth on speed, wiping out everything that enters its path. “Pain inflicted” blasts in such a furious way that I’m afraid I’ll lose my eyebrows when i stand to close to my speakers. “Police Bastard” is a Doom cover paying respect to these English crustheads. Couldn’t think of a more relevant choice to make.

Dismortus only need eight minutes to convince me of their craftsmanship as musicians thus eagerly awaiting some new releases to drop. So my fellow metal-beauties, check this band out, it will only take eight minutes of your time to waste. To the labels out there, sign these Swedish Spaniards up and slam this 3-headed monster on tape. (Franki_boj)