Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Haiduk – Exomancer

haiduk – exomancer

Let me take you on a journey through a dark kaleidoscope of sound scapes. Our captain will be Haiduk and the name of his dream craft is Exomancer. Haiduk has control of all the instrumentation on the Exomancer but fear not as I have been on far lesser journeys with 4-5 captains at the helm and didn’t get the same atmospheres or fluidity during those trips.

Our dream craft is fuelled by a beautifully constructed fusion of mixtures of Black & Death rhythmic melodies. Blast beats are the engines that drive this epic journey along and provide the enormous thrust that allows us to take this expedition through the vast depths of a dark universe that hasn’t been discovered yet while concordant, technical and hypnotic riff work help navigate our way through 10 x passages which include lay overs at memorable places like “Evil Art”, “Icevoid Nemesis” and “Once Flesh”.

Our tour is mostly through instrumental verses however when our captain does speak to us, his vocals are like incantations of whispering death, just underneath the shredding, but oh so softly vicious and cold and ultimately the production that binds our journey together is of such a high level of skill that it provides this master class in sound.

So, buy your ticket, place tray tables in the upright position, mobile phones off, slap on your noise cancelling headphones and sit back and let yourself be swept away to places of sheer musical beauty and intensity. Visit all the stops provided in one sitting, don’t just take auditory photos of 10 separate fragments, as this trip is like all things good, it’s over so quickly and without you realising where that time went and when its done, you will press the go button for a repeat of this sensory panorama. (Longstretch)