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Wilt – Into Nothingness

wilt – into nothingness


Just like the band’s 2018’s debut album ‘Faces Of The Grave’, Wilt took things in their own hands. That means that this sophomore album, ‘Into Nothingness’, is again a self-released product, available on both vinyl and CD. But that is not the only continuation compared to their first album, looking to the cover art of both records it seems like not much has changed. At least, it appears that the band has not been wilting over the last five to six years. On the contrary, I would almost say.

The band’s take on the Death Metal genre is also not quite different from what they were after on their previous recordings. The old schoolness is omnipresent on each and every track, not offering us anything new or anything even remotely original. But that was exactly what the band was aiming for, since they apparently left nothing to chance. ‘Into Nothingness’ is a well thought out and well-executed album that can very easily compete with the bigger bands on the more well-known labels like FDA Records, Redefining Darkness, Pulverized Records or Transcending Obscurity Records. While the music doesn’t sound adventurous at all, it does sound very solid and quite much in line with bands such as Revel In Flesh or Puteraeon. Which means a distinct Swedish sound, choppy riffs, pummelling and predominantly mid-tempo drums and guttural vocals. All drenched in a groove-laden sort of vibe that will please fans of the more standard Old School Death Metal. The sporadic guitar leads are definitely above standard and offers the music that tiny bit of variety and even some extra dynamics.

Usually these kind of Death Metal bands are having a hard time delivering a solid album with interesting songs. It certainly does take a lot more than only a few riffs and a good vocalist to deliver the goods. While ‘Into Nothingness’ does lose a bit of effectiveness and energy towards the end, this actually is a very solid record that is way above your average Old School Death Metal album and a recommendation for those who keep on digging that Old School groove.


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