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Mylingen – At Night I See Demons [EP]

mylingen – at night i see demons [ep]


A mightily impressive debut EP to start the new year, from Swedish duo Mylingen. Hailing from the small southern town of Söderköping, G.C. and V.J. started this new project at the back end of 2022, and their EP goes by the name of ‘At Night I See Demons’. Of particular interest to me is the meaning behind the bands name. I reviewed Polish band Poroniec last year whose name derives from the Polish demon who was raised by all of the unwanted children that were slain and never given the chance of life. Mylingen derives their name from the word Myling, which in Scandinavian folklore was the phantasmal incarnations of the souls of unwanted children killed by their mothers and forced to roam the Earth until they could persuade someone to bury them properly. I find it fascinating that through Black Metal we can learn more about similar stories and folklores from completely different countries and cultures.

Dip into the opening track ‘Falling’ and you’ll be met with a passionate and powerful sounding melodic track with the juxtaposition of abrasive vocals to offset the flowing guitar rhythms, groove drenched bass work and methodical drumming display that Mylingen create. That being said, this duo are not against pumping out some punchy riffs here and there whilst also lacing their sound with the cold, dark guitar tones that permeate so many great Black and Death Metal releases. Also expect some subtle melodic interludes with haunting violin strains sounding out their gloom into the atmosphere.

Title track ‘At Night I See Demons’ has a wonderfully soaring harmonic to its backdrop, and a sound from the guitars not dissimilar to some of Opeth’s work, though with a far more theatrically abrasive vocal styling and some wonderous tremolo picking melody later on that really adds to the bleak intensity of the overall mood. ‘Nattväsen’ (Night Creature) on the other hand has a more chaotic approach mixed with bouts of flowing, groove laden guitar leads and softer, acoustic interludes. Once more the harrowing vocal display is tempered by interludes of whispered simplicity!

Combining all of the previously mentioned traits and styles, Mylingen finish of with their longest and most blazingly atmospheric track, ‘Everything is Cold’. This last offering showcases the bands blisteringly heavy chops as well as their diverse harmonic soundscape. An overpowering debut EP all in all, once that promises much more in the future.


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