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Dethgod – Disease Called Humans [EP]

dethgod – disease called humans [ep]

Another EP entered my mailbox – more precisely my dropbox, and it’s called “Disease Called Humans” (great album title if you ask me – because it’s to the point haha) from the Canadian band Dethgod. If you dig brutal Death Metal with a nice growl as vocals, and a tight production, then this EP could please you. There are four tracks recorded and they’ve added the label ‘Native American Brutal Death Metal’ to their sound. If they project the aheum ‘Native American’ style onto bands as Cannibal Corpse, Death or another American DM band, then they definitely mislead the listeners, cause therefor they need to eat more Spinach. But this could be the start of something good. More than decent debut-EP boys, so worth checking out if you like this style on their bandcamp or other social media. (Fredde)