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Path to War – Spring Promo [Demo]

path to war – spring promo [demo]

This two track promo from Maryland’s Path to War is filled with caveman riffs and trickled with eerie samples to add a vibe that is of absolute warfare.

“Beneath the Treads” has grooves that remind me of a tank decimating through no man’s land similar to acts like Jungle Rot, Necrot, and Undergang. Props to drummer Andrew Billek for keeping a steady tasteful groove! “Inanus Vitae” is the second song off this promo. This song is more of a fast Death Metal song, but there are changes of pace! Towards the end there is a creepy instrumental bridge to mellow the song out, only to slap in the face moments after.

The overall tone of this band is grizzly and bleak, definitely excited to see what else comes from Path to War! (Kellen)