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Disinterred – Demo MMXXIII

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Some get bored after hearing so many tunes of the same genre. I can honestly say…not me. Well, not when it comes to Old School Death Metal. Be it Swedish, the US kind or European influenced. That having said, Disinterred from Belgium plays…yes, Old School Death Metal! Some of the members play in Fungus Inc. and released two albums who aren’t really well received. And I’m polite here. I hope Kurt and Dimitri have more luck with Disinterred. I really hope, because beginning and ending a demo with a Monty Python excerpt already has two thumbs up in my book! When it comes to the Death Metal itself, Swedish attitude mixed with some European (UK, The Netherlands) scenes and hints of Autopsy (beginning of “Once Bitten”). You won’t hear something you haven’t heard before, but it’s all well played and before you know it you’re air-drumming along with the D-beat of Disinterred. To be blunt, forget Fungus Inc. as Disinterred deserves 100% dedication. (Ricardo