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Bergsvriden – Uråldrad [EP]

bergsvriden – uråldrad [ep]


When Trollmania formed Bergsvriden in 2013, he was soon joined by fellow Midvintersblot members Trollpung and Öltomten. Not entirely abandoning the Folk Metal sound of their other band, with Bergsvriden they aimed for a harsher, more Black Metal infused sound. Their journey so far has taken us past a single, EP and three full-length albums, and in the tenth year of the band’s existence, the latest EP release ‘Uråldrad’ saw the light.

When listening to the music of Bergsvriden it is clear that snarling vocals and a Black Metal guitar sound combined with a foundation of Heavy /Thrash Metal riffs and melodic Folk tunes comprise the sound of the band. Despite not having heard any of their material prior to finding ‘Uråldrad’, the band immediately leaves a positive impression. That is not in the least because they come out strong with the first full track ‘Strandvaskaren’, a midtempo song with an incredibly catchy guitar lead that contrasts the rasping vocals. Think of a version of Finntroll without the keyboards and with more of a flair of the artists that release under the Nordvis Produktion banner. ‘Strandvaskaren’ is the sort of song that worms itself inside your brain, and you find yourself humming it for days. In the subsequent ‘Gråterskan’ the layered lead melodies take a similar prominent place, but the song opts for a more uptempo Thrashy approach, where the rumbling bass adds a nice complement to the melodic riffs. The Folk tone mostly comes from the accordion, while sparse female vocals add a haunting touch to the song. Through the acoustic Folk song ‘Rådavisan’ the EP then reaches the tremolo-picking pacey ‘Hultaskogens Häxa’. The song meanders, drops pace and then adds more prominent accordions and backing choirs as it progresses, but with the snarling vocals and choppy drums the song keeps a fiercer edge. In the final ‘Som Genom Ett Trollslag’ the atmosphere turns a touch more melancholic, and with its twists and turns is the most adventurous and diverse song out of the EP. The catchy lead that turns into melancholic strumming accompanied by accordion certainly lets the EP end on a high note.

‘Uråldrad’ is by no means a departure from the sound of the previous recordings, but it does feel like a major step forward in terms of consistency and quality. Perhaps it’s the shorter format of the EP that in my opinion brings out the best in the band so far, but regardless, this latest Bergsvriden EP should appeal to those that enjoy a blend of Heavy, Black and Folk Metal and those that do would do well to give the recording and the band some deserved attention.


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