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Latest Interviews

February 1, 2023
Interview: Blackdeath - "Maybe liberalism is shit, but I assure you that Sovietism is a hundred times more shit"
January 26, 2023
Interview: Maceration - "We use the HM2 chainsaw pedal on the new album and got exactly the sound we wanted"
January 25, 2023
Interview: Hellevaerder - "No one expects a tiny woman like me, to produce such a sound"
January 19, 2023
Interview: Totholz - "It's the old school spirit I live for"
January 16, 2023
Interview: Morbus Grave - "When death metal bands came out in the 90's, there was always some kind of magic"
December 20, 2022
Interview: Rigor Sardonicous - "We simply create what is most appropriate for us. Often it seems to arise from elsewhere and we are just conduits, as many are familiar with on their own."
December 19, 2022
Interview: Detherous - "Demolition Hammer would absolutely be the biggest influence over our style..."
November 29, 2022
Interview: Apparition - "I think it was a good way to show the world what we were doing. That's what a demo should be about. Sound-wise, there's room for improvement, as it was mostly self-recorded and mixed, but that's what we'll try to do on our debut full-length."
November 19, 2022
Interview: Poroniec - "Poroniec in Slavic Demonology is a mighty Demon raised from the soul of a child who died before birth by intentional procedures performed by women to miscarry."
October 20, 2022
Interview: Lungtoucher - "Aesthetic is important to me with releases, but I am not necessarily limiting myself to the old school designs."