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Nachtgnawer – Eternal Curse of the Blood [Demo]

nachtgnawer – eternal curse of the blood [demo]


Straight from the chasms of the Finnish underground comes Nachtgnawer, a new Black Metal band consisting of two members of Licht Des Urteils, as well as Advorsvs of Sacrificium Carmen, Riivaus, Wömit Angel and a few more bands. Under new vampiric pseudonyms the band recorded their first demo ‘Eternal Curse of the Blood’ in 2022.

To cut a long story short: it’s one hell of a demo. The band plays raw Finnish Black Metal with fairly Lo-Fi aesthetics, best comparable to earlier Satanic Warmaster material. The often-blazing tempo is accompanied with the so typical Finnish leads, and in the case of Nachtgnawer these are exceptional. Remarkable in a catchy way, but also in terms of slightly out of the ordinary creativity and atonality. Whether it’s the atonal opening riff of ‘Eternal Curse of the Blood’, the more melancholic mood of ‘Voivode Strigoi’ or the more rocking and catchy nature of ‘Leperthrone’ that includes a fascinating church bell melody, it’s all glorious. Licht Des Urteils had already impressed with their slightly off the beaten path debut album, and with Nachtgnawer the two members and their newfound band companion once again managed to portray a typical Finnish sound with a slight twist that makes it sound fresh and interesting. This also goes for the spirited and croaking shrieks, complemented with plenty of well-placed oohs. And the vocal battle between clean vocals and shrieks in ‘The Unnatural Mist Carries Our Coffins’ works surprisingly well.

This is the type of demo where the band leaves nothing on the table and puts their soul into the music, leading to a wild and authentic release. It sounds so familiar and has been done so many times, but it’s the level and conviction that really elevate this demo above so many bands trying to emulate the same sound. Raw Finnish Black Metal done exceptionally well, this truly deserves a physical (preferably vinyl) release, and holds tremendous promise for follow-up material.


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