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Kringspiertyfus – 25″ Kitchen Knife [Demo]

kringspiertyfus – 25″ kitchen knife [demo]


Kringspiertyphus, well… what to make of such a band? Not taking it all too seriously seems to be the message. After having heard the disc once, I still have to speak of some amazement at the quality of the songs. It all sounds incredibly heavy and tight. Not too long ago, I was also surprised by Kutschurft, which is also the band I am constantly reminded of when I hear the music and read the lyrics. Only difference is that I am not convinced whether this is a drummer or a drum machine, it all sounds suspiciously tight and too static to be a real drummer.

It also all seems to be a parody of itself. Song titles like ‘Kontsnor’ (‘Ass Moustache’), ‘Feces Fiesta’ and ‘You can’t write lyrics if you are a cowboy queer’ speak volumes. Even the thank-you list where John Deere (tracktor manufacturer) is mentioned first says it all. Not to mention the photos of the band members that adorn the back cover. But this disc, in my opinion, is also not meant to conquer the world or come across as extremely serious.

Still, I find it a fun and entertaining little CD that has already had a good couple of spins in my CD player. And it will certainly continue to do so for some time to come. Interested parties or fans of Kutschurft, Mortician and related bands can order this funny less than 12-minute piece of art via the band’s website which can be found at http://listen.to/kringspiertyfus or email the guys at kringspiertyfus@hotmail.com (FelixS)

– – – – –

After hearing this “25′ kitchen knife”, it turned out that the words brutal and heavy have been systematically abused for years. People that use these words, but have never heard Kringspiertyfus’ demo deserve a slow, inhumane death, since they have no idea what they’re talking about.
This is the heritage of cult horrormovies, Johnny Rebel and three perverse, seriously disturbed gentlemen.
“25” Kitchen knife” contains 11 hymns, and lasts the same amount of minutes.
11 songs, all varying in speed, but with one main similarity; UTTER LOMPNESS! Fast parts are relieved with “slower” riffs, resulting in the fact that the slower parts sound even heavier, and the fast parts wipe the floor with all possible competition!
Their image of southern, white trailertrash is hilarious, and it’s integrated through samples & lyrics so funny I almost choked to death in my Christmas meal.
The samples vary from the more quality splatterstuff to some fragments of the worst country you can possibly think of.
All three members are responsible for the vocals, as can be heard on “Howdy folks”, where all members introduce themselves by telling us their name, followed by an anal bloodvomiting grunt.
I can only hope that the new Mortician is going to be as funny as this demo.
Instead of spending your last 7,5 (incl. P&P) bucks on a vagabond trying to get trough Christmas with a clean mind, you’d better spend it on this demo, for this is the one of the most entertaining releases available in this genre!
Be sure to check their excellent up-to-date site, for touring info, and other news. (LoekK)


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