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Daedric Chamber – Nekromantik [EP]

daedric chamber – nekromantik [ep]


Daedric Chamber’s ‘Black Marsh Eternal’, the band’s fourth full-length album, felt like a prime example of the ‘new generation’ of contemporary (American) Black Metal. It portrayed the band, better than anything that was released before, with a strong core-sound of harshness, sense for raw Folkish melodies and thoughtful song writing. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Deadric Chamber is a completely flawless band, but to me this one-man band definitely stands for everything that American Black Metal from the newest generation of bands stands for.

Only a few weeks after the release of ‘Black Marsh Eternal’, Daedric Chamber already returns with some new music. And if you enjoyed that last album, this self-released digital EP is a clear continuation of the path chosen on previously released material. In a way the entire (and quite impressive) back catalogue of Daedric Chamber, which started in the early Winter of 2022, can be experienced as a path in perfecting Snitz’s musical visions. That journey clearly feels like Snitz was looking for a perfect balance between the crude riffs and the almost soothing melodies, the icy and hoarse screams and the dynamics in the music. In a way, compared to the previous outings, ‘Nekromantik’ is a tad harsher but with a great alluring sensitivity for catchy melodies. The closing ‘Conjuring Those Of An Inhuman Form’, somewhat of an outro, is maybe exemplary of the musical creativity of Snitz: easy going guitar strumming, subdued harsh vocals and a beautiful melody.

This short 3-track EP, clocking in just over 15 minutes, gives you another glimpse of what the newest cohort of bands is capable of putting to the table. It also proves that it is not only the productivity that is impressive with this sort of one-man bands, if you take the effort in diving in this new world of Black Metal, there is a lot to be discovered.

Daedric Chamber

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