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Obsolete Incunabulum – Shadows Mask​.​.​. [Demo]

obsolete incunabulum – shadows mask​.​.​. [demo]


Obsolete Incunabulum is a Canadian entity, and as far as I know this is their first and only release. I like the name, it suggests something old, some ancinet obscure wisdom that could be retreived.

Based on this I was really pleasently surprised after the first listening, the guys (two brothers) play a kind of Neurosis, Tyranny mixed with Beatrik and some of their own spices.

After the intro, “The Depths” brings out the guys speciality, Funeral Doom mixed with some Black Metal, but not too much though. The themes are building up slowly and keep getting more and more details so luckily it doesn`t become boring as some Funeral Doom tends to become sometimes (at least for me).

The second song is pretty long, almost 17 minutes, called “Shadows Mask Face in Wood”, pretty good song title for a pretty good song. This also starts slow and builds up, there are more Black Metal elements here and also some pretty cool choirs come up at one point. The riffs are great, drumming is also good and the vocals are pretty unique, I like the vocals the most! The whole sound is similar to Xasthur, a bit harsh and I’m not sure if this was deliberate or not.

Either way, the cover looks great, the bandname sounds good and the music is way beyond average so hopefully a proper label will target the guys soon. Looking forward to hear what`s next! (Woodlum666)

Obsolete Incunabulum

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