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Putrefact – I Shall Die Upon This Putrefaction [Demo]

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Sometimes experience and passion for a certain genre is enough to form a band and release a great demo within a year. Putrefact from Mexico, consisting of Disgorge, Hacavitz, Demonized and Impiety members, is guilty on both charges and delivers their first demo called “I Shall Die Upon This Putrefaction”. This deadly three-member-combo claim the following about their Death Metal: “Not Swedish, Not old school, Pure entrails!”…still it’s as Swedish and Old School when The Swedish Chef of The Muppet Show would replace L.G. Petrov on “Left Hand Path”! This demo doesn’t have the melodies of Dismember, but it’s more in the vein of the uptempo parts of Death Breath combined with the overall bluntness of Nihilist and two different kind of vocals (deep growl and a rotten scream, both sounding like desperate souls in an abduction-basement). And the heavy and cavernous sound is spot on! Support this band…Pure Entrails! (Ricardo)