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Nattsjäl – Of Chaos Supreme

nattsjäl – of chaos supreme


Nattsjäl is a relatively unknown project kept under wraps pretty tightly by Jonas Almqvist and Pierre Vilhelmsson formerly from the Viking Metal band Månegarm who performed guitar and bass. While both artists’ activities with the former band ended between 2010 and 2016, Nattsjäl came to life in 2022 and from the sounds of it picks up back on that Viking Metal spirit with some other elements added in, and it just sounds like a fun listen. While the debut album ‘Of Chaos Supreme’ is very short- less than 25 minutes- it still is an interesting listen if you take it as a whole. Yes, there are a lot of interludes/filler that break up the album, but they help add to the whole ‘Viking’ atmosphere of the story the album tries to tell. From the album art it definitely involves the death of Vikings and the Valkyries to take them to Valhalla, so that should be exciting enough. The music is a mix of Viking/Folk and Black/Thrash, touching on the likes of anywhere from Celtic Frost to Mercyful Fate to Eluveitie. Tracks like ‘Valkyira’ are some of the heavier ones with rough shouted vocals that imitate the Viking style and also clean, more soulful folk. Along with violins, some very catchy riffs, and thick drumming that will remind listeners of the old Satyricon days of ‘Dark Medieval Times,’ this track is truly a Viking/Folk Metal fan’s ambition with some flair, like the backing female vocals.

Other tracks like ‘Of Chaos Surpreme’ shed a lot of the Viking/Folk sound and opt for more of that traditional Black/Death Thrash sound with the pace of the track and the riff style. Harsh vocals grunt their way through most of the track, save for acoustic interlude with the clean vocals/spoken passages, but it still stands out on its own and something different for Nattsjäl compared to the rest (not including the filler tracks). It still has some Viking/Folk aspects here and there, but compared to the work done in Månegarm with the members’ time it pales in comparison. And for those who really want a surprise after all the noise will enjoy the somber, yet beautiful ‘Höstmåne’ which is devoid of pretty much and Metal aspect and features just acoustic guitar, flute, and female vocals. Giving off the most ‘Folk’ feel of the album, Nattsjäl made a great choice with the vocalist (who doesn’t sound as dramatic as the clean male vocals on the earlier tracks, but still has an impactful voice) and also how to close the album, as it fits with overall theme of the album’s story. It is a little bit of a shame that the band keeps the album’s information somewhat of a secret, but that is half of the fun at the same time.

As said before, this album is short. It is like a mini story. The filler parts are entertaining, but many will probably pass over them because the fuller tracks are much more interesting. Whether or not listeners will see a new album from Nattsjäl in the future as this project seems to be more ‘for the fun of the music’ rather than a serious, lengthy career like Månegarm is, one can say that if Nattsjäl does continue their work, even with short albums like these, whatever Viking driven stories they tell are going to full and lively despite how short they are. It is unknown if they will take the same approach with the same vocal styles and instrumental work considering this particular album drew on some many different variations. But, at least those who want a short yet full experience in Viking styled lore that isn’t too overproduced or dramatized, then ‘Of Chaos Supreme’ is a worth a listen.


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